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It's funny how beautiful people look...

when they're walking out the door

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I am Angie.
That's all you would ever need to know about me.
adam carson, afi, aim, alien ant farm, androgony, angst, art, autopsies, avenged sevenfold, bauhaus, bdsm, beauty, billy talent, bisexual, biting, black and white, blink 182, blondie, boys, boys wearing make-up, brian slade, brody dalle, bruising, california, chocolate, coffee, concerts, contradictions, cookies, corpses, corsets, crossfade, curt wilde, curt/brian, dancing, dark purple, dave navarro, davey havok, david bowie, death, depeche mode, drag, edward scissorhands, eiffel 65, ewan mcgregor, existentialism, fanfiction, fingerless gloves, fishnet, flogging molly, fluff, french, frills, garbage, gay rights, girls, glam rock, glitter, green, hair dye, halloween, harry potter, harry/draco, hate, homosexuality, hoodies, hot showers, hugs, humor, hunter burgan, iggy pop, imagination, insanity, interpol, isolation, italian, jade puget, jane's addiction, javey, jeffree star, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, kitties, lace, layers, long skirts, madonna, manson, memory, mest, mohawks, mudvayne, multicolor, murderdolls, music, nail polish, night sky, ninjas, oscar wilde, peanut butter, pens, petticoats, piercings, pirates, post-mortem, puddle of mudd, rancid, random clothing, random colors, random ska, rants, reading, red, renaisannce, rings, role playing, sadness, scars, scarves, scratching, sex pistols, shinedown, short hair, slash, slipknot, socks, system of a down, tattoos, the cure, the distillers, theories, tim burton, velvet goldmine, vengaboys, vinyl, violence, vnv nation, walking, warmth, wednesday 13, witchcraft, writing, wumpscut